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  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    A very charming movie, I had a lot of fun watching this. 

    I went in a little predisposed to hating the fourth wall breaking, but I actually feel it worked for the tone the movie was going for. I liked the look of the film and the fact that it felt “light”.

    The performances were all good as well. I wasn’t sure about Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, but by the end I had liked his interpretation enough.

    I do…

  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    I wanted to like this more than I actually did. But I still did like it, I just thought there was potential for more.

    Let’s start with the awesome: Charlize Theron! She might not be on Tom Cruise’s level stunt wise, but apart from that, I’d say she’s just as big an action star as he is. She commands the screen effortlessly.

    I thought the supporting cast was good as well. James McAvoy (who is always a win) seemed to…

  • I Was, I Am, I Will Be

    I Was, I Am, I Will Be


    The one silver lining of the pandemic so far: The usually celebrated week of German cinema in Mexico City was moved online, with the films being available to everyone for free. I’m not in the capital at the moment, so I wouldn’t have been able to attend any screening, and now I have the complete selection at my disposal in filminlatino.

    Anyway, this film belongs to such selection. It leaves tomorrow, so I made it my mission to watch it…

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    My rating might not reflect it, but I truly loved this. I was close to giving it a full four stars. At the end of the day I don’t think it did enough to break through from “really good”, but what it did do, it did extremely well.

    I should point out, what makes this movie work above all is the cast. Everyone does a fantastic job. Charlize Theron effortlessly carries the film, but she is supported by great performances.…

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    In preparation for the sequel I decided to finally watch this one.

    It’s different to what I was expecting, I assumed the stakes would be higher, but the bulk of the movie is spent at a training facility. It makes sense considering the title of the film is “top gun”, I just didn’t put two and two together beforehand.

    The third act does introduces stakes, and that’s what elevates the film for me. It seemed a little of the left…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    This ended up being completely different to what I expected... and I’m not sure exactly what I expected. I really liked it though.

    The humor in this is exquisite, it’s by far the best part. And Colin Farrell’s delivery of it is spot on. He’s really good in here (he’s really good in most things actually), and the supporting cast rounds this up quite nicely. You know you have an all British cast when you’ve seen them all in the…

  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle


    I wanted to see this when it was in theaters, but I hadn’t seen the first, so I waited. I wish I had seen it on a big screen though.

    This was a really good sequel. Some of the charm from the first movie is missing, so it doesn’t quite reach its level, but the rest is just as good.

    Julianne Moore is another fun villain. I’m a big fan of Pedro Pascal, so anytime he was on screen I…

  • The Martian

    The Martian


    I call this the post Interstellar effect. While the movie was really good, I was left wanting more. I also have no idea why this was categorized as a comedy at the golden globes.

    Matt Damon carries this film, as he should. We spend most of the time with his character, so it was important we liked him. I understand why the voice overs were important, but I would have liked to also have scenes without them, where we are…

  • The Banker

    The Banker


    I was looking forward to this movie at the end of last year, so I’m glad I was able to see it.

    It doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but the story is a good one, so it ends up being a solid movie.

    Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Hoult do a good job. And the supporting cast is equally good.

    The third act feels a bit rushed, and the ending felt abrupt, but overall it’s an entertaining film.

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    This is one of the remaining movies from 2019 I really wanted to watch. I still have a couple of others left, but this was my most anticipated one.

    First of all, knowing it’s based on Shia’s life, the fact that he delivered as strong a script as this, and that not only did he act in it, but he played his own father, is praiseworthy. 

    I’m not familiar with Shia’s father, but I was familiar with Shia. And Lucas…

  • An Officer and a Spy

    An Officer and a Spy


    Went to see this with my French class for free, and there came a point when the only interest I had left was in seeing how much French I understood haha. But for the most part I did like it. 

    I don’t know if it was the projection, or the same everywhere, but I felt it was badly lit. It kept bugging me that everything was so dark. Maybe it was intentional though. Shot selection wise, it was great.


  • Just Mercy

    Just Mercy


    I expected this to have great performances, and a mediocre script, to my surprise, the script is alright.

    It may not have something to set itself apart, but it’s a well made film that doesn’t really do anything wrong. The subject matter alone will ensure the tears.

    Of course, everyone on screen elevates it, the performances are restrained yet powerful.

    For me, it’s the feeling of impotence and anger it produced, that will make it have a lasting impression. One has to remember that it’s based on a true story, because otherwise it feels ridiculous that this could ever happen.