Emma. ★★★★★

«She always declares that she will never marry. Which of course means just nothing at all.»

Wilde’s feature film directorial debut “Emma” becomes the latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. 
Rosy blush in her cheeks, perfectly structured hair styles does not try to sugarcoat the young Emma’s flaws. 
This movie makes young Emma feel human even though she “knows it all” nobody knows more than her, as we know she is handsome,clever and rich, but she doesn’t understand the people around her, she makes an idea of them. 
The narrative of the story and screenplay are remarkable. Comedy at its finest, you didn’t need dialogues in some parts because the facial expressions and the tension between scenes made the audience feel like they were there. 
The aesthetic of the film, cinematography, production design was incredible, Wilde felt like a a master of Wes Anderson’s symmetry and I’m not mad about it. 
I can add that Mia Goth was a scene stealer, her facial expressions were key to the movie, Joy and Flynn had an amazing chemistry. 
This movie is just too good and it’s a shame not everyone got to experience it on cinema. 

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