A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

What the hell are dreams anyway? - the spooked 23th entry of Hooptober - 24.10.2016

From the Master of Horror, A Nightmare on Elm Street is a true - truest 80s horror film you could desire. Oh the wonderful soundtrack and sound effects. A fabulous gentleman in a stylish sweater just tries desperately find human touch and ends up killing some people in the process. In their dreams. Such blundering Freddy, you silly lovable fool.

Wes Craven might possibly know what he's doing. The images he's presenting us truly are chilling, from more basic boiler room scares to human meat sauce whirlpools. Undeniably amazing and horrifying. How can the atmosphere be so tasty! Robert Englund's portrayal of Fred Krueger naturally helps as he is as creepy as you could imagine in your dreams (nightmares). The delicate touch of silliness in Freddy only makes his appearance one level more haunting. Freddy's like your strange uncle who, uh, enjoys slaughtering teenagers with quite sick methods.

The real villain is Mr. Krueger of course, but the parents of the poor victims don't seem to be perfect role models either. They are incompetent and distant. The heroine Nancy's mother drowns herself in alcohol (figuratively speaking, anything could happen) and her father drowns himself in work (trying to catch the killer). They care about Nancy, but are never there supporting her when she needs it the most. It's our young woman's job to do everything and solve the whole goddamn nightmare. Go youth!

Classics tend to be classics for a reason and the same goes with icons. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror classic with a horror icon in it. The film blends dreams and real life horrifyingly and a teenage girl kicking ass while adults are sitting on their hands is worth celebrating. I must also mention the poster because it's gorgeous. If I'm going to see nightmares tonight, I'd prefer this glorious nightmare.

🎶It's a nightmare (It's just a dream, dream)
No, it's a nightmare (it's just a dream, dream) 🎶

Wes Craven 1939-2015 - thanks for the frightening moments.

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