The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★★

La casa dalle finestre che ridono (The House with Laughing Windows)

Giuseppe "Pupi" Avati's delirious, excellent and slowly mentally deteriorating countryside giallo stripped of the genre's usual flashy visual signatures while sharing many of the common themes. Marinated with fake tranquility, stinging voyeurism, local townspeople following you with their gaze, fatally menacing frescos constantly staring... and a house, with laughing windows. There might not be anything; but something is continuously watching, laughing at you and mocking you.

A fantastic opposite to those urban giallo nights of terror with blades, masks and leather. Simply look at the great rural imagery shot in daylight, nevertheless providing the audience no safety; The Wicker Man. Avati presents Italian horror at its juiciest and most unpredictable, opening the film with an unforgettably disturbing fever vision and ending it with a FUCKING crazy finale with endless twists that just keep banging. I don't know what else to say - bravo.

Arrow Video, a blu-ray release when?

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