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  • Defending Your Life

    Defending Your Life


    I was in middle school when DEFENDING YOUR LIFE came out, and while I'm aware that I was not the target audience, I remember absolutely loving it. I purchased the VHS tape when it became available and I rewatched it numerous times. I hummed the catchy theme music, I repeated lines verbatim, and I became a lifelong fan of the brilliant Albert Brooks. In the early 90s, I was a 14 year old boy completely obsessed with this movie. Needless…

  • Indian Summer

    Indian Summer


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “Respect for the land teaches respect for your fellow man, a sense of belonging, and more importantly, respect for oneself.” –adage from Camp Tamakwa

    I was blessed to have a childhood that allowed me to immerse myself in the beauty of Mother Nature. In addition to a few stints of sleepaway camp, I spent every summer of my childhood at the family lake house in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. I had some of the best times of my…

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  • Barton Fink

    Barton Fink


    Barton Fink is yet another autobiographical look at the lives of Joel and Ethan Coen. Like A Serious Man and Inside Llewyn Davis, Barton Fink tackles deep, philosophical questions about the human existence. This movie’s biggest driver: what is it about the common man that makes him such an interesting subject? Barton Fink explores this theme in a symbolic film about writer’s block, the snaky business of Hollywood, and how creative types are so blind to the answers right in…

  • The Paperboy

    The Paperboy


    This luridly fascinating drama had no business being this entertaining. It’s trash, unequivocally, but the film is *so* committed to its trashiness. The cast looks like they are enjoying this detour, and I stuck with them all the way through. I’m not ashamed that I enjoyed this movie, but a cold shower afterwards is recommended.

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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    It doesn’t happen often. I’ll sit through a film in a movie theater that will make me forget about everything going on in my life. Not once will I check my watch or be distracted by audience members or take a bathroom trip.

    "Requiem for a Dream" took me in for 100 minutes, deep into its psyche, and spit me out very shaken and very disturbed.

    It’s a harrowing experience, an absorbing trip into four minds spiralling out of control.…

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


    Picking up right where the first one left off, this sequel goes even deeper into Tolkien lore, and doesn’t hold back. All of our beloved hobbits and elves and humans, broken up into three groups, encounter all sorts of creatures and villains as they reach closer to their main goal to rid the one ring that will rule them all.

    Among the most memorable new additions of the series is Gollum, a CGI-created creature battling a severe case of schizophrenia.…