City of Angels

City of Angels ★★★★★

In what is probably the most romantic movie of the 90's, Nicolas Cage delivers his most endearing puppy-dog performance as an angel who watches over earth-bound Meg Ryan. Dennis Franz is pitch-perfect (cleverly steering away from Andy Sipowicz) as a man who gave up his angelic duty to become human.

Cage believes to have fallen in love with Ryan, but doesn't know it since he can't really "feel." Therefore, Franz shows him how powerful and explosive life as a human can be. This is a film that treasures the little things; it's a film that loves and appreciates the human mind, body and soul.

Some people were pretty damn pissed at the ending, but I wasn't. It was sad, but completely true to the film's real message: You haven't understood life until you’ve lived it.

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