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  • Doom



    So with Cinematic Doctrine, my podcast, I'm starting a new segment called Let's Talk where and guest and I go into a topic by talking 2 movies. The first LT will be with Logan from The Reformed Gamers, a fellow podcaster who I had the privilege of working with on his podcast for an episode on the first 3 Resident Evil movies.

    So it only made sense for us to cover video game adaptions on my own podcast, and start…

  • Battle at Big Rock

    Battle at Big Rock


    Fine. Something about this irritated me, though. I can't really explain it.

    Functionally better than JW:FK though. That movie was a mess, and the best parts were more of a horror feeling than action/thriller.

    I wonder if this was to test the waters. To see if people are receptive to a stripped down horror version of Jurassic Park stuff and not the big action/thriller stuff we've been getting.

    I'd be fine with that. I'd prefer it, tbh.

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  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two

    I don't mind an adaption changing things, but it can't lose the thesis of it's source material. Otherwise, you have a confused, messy, absolute frankenstein of an adaption where things don't work and everything's covered in staples and glue.

    Chapter 2 had no right to be 2h and 49m lol

    Also major epilepsy warning???? What the heck Andy Muschietti.

    IT (2017) Podcast review:
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  • The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Crystal


    Really enjoyable. Super comfy. Unbelievably adorable. Undeniably creative.

    No shame in basically retelling an age-old fantasy story but in a totally different artistic style.

    Excited to watch Age of Resistance!