Lightyear ★★½

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Told all my friends finna watch Wokeyear amirite folks?

It wasn't terrible but pretty messy. Like, it doesn't help that the first 24 minutes, almost to the minute, are Buzz's backstory. That whole sequence was honestly really neat and as I keep watching Pixar films (which I never really did between Middle School - early marriage) I keep pining for more... mature concepts without PG-Disney-esque comedy or theme breaks. Like, a movie just about Buzz getting lost in time and jumping 4-years into the future with each failure alone would have been so interesting. At least the movie could have pulled an Interstellar and just been 2-3 movies in one where every 40 minutes is a new episode in a surprise 3-part Sci-Fi program.

It's truly bizarre to me that Lightyear also feels extremely reminiscent of other material, akin to Marvel films being constant reminders of other Marvel material or Star Wars constantly evoking all of Star Wars to its detriment. There's the previously mentioned Interstellar, Starship Troopers, obviously Star Wars, even caught some Halo in there (and not just because of the rings). It got a bit annoying after a while to just see where influence was coming from rather than just the movie being a movie. Otherwise, there's something endearing about the movie wearing its influences so clearly. And I like science fiction a lot so I enjoyed watching the film overall.

Space Suits and Full-Body Armor is so cool. I just love all the cool superpowers and gadgets you get by wearing one of these things. And the concept of a retractable helmet is neat and allows for good drama and anxiety. Toes curled whenever combat started outta nowhere and peoples helmets were caught down. At least Buzz had the decency to keep his on most of the time unlike Master Chief in the Paramount+ Halo show. Wicked. Also, Zurg is so cool but I always thought he was just a robot? Kind if lost magic when it wasn't. I have always loved the design for Zurg and I love how his mouth lights up when he talks. Finding out it was just... Not a robot was a bummer.

I guess I'd watch a sequel but I'd really prefer Pixar to do something more serious and drop the constant jokes or attempts at jokes when it can just be situational humor or something else. It works in something thats actually for kids (loved Turning Red!) but I really do just want something a bit more here. Couldn't stand Waititi's character constantly making mistakes. That sorta thing is so annoying. I was annoyed FOR Buzz. Not a good sign.

At least the movie looks great.

Changed from a 6/10 to a 5/10.

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