The Hunt

Yeah bro like I just did not have a good time with this movie. It's just not smart enough to be as pompous and 'matter of fact' as it wants to be, and the marketing schtick it had only makes it even funnier. Blumhouse posts serious cringe each year and even with Fantasy Island they still happened to post worse cringe. Like, tasteless cringe.

Things I Liked:
- Macon Blair
- The Jack Rabbit callback
- When licensed music played, because it reminded me that movies can have style
- That I got this through a Redbox rental
- The joke about a movie being called "Tears of the Sun" where someone goes, "Why did the sun have tears?"
- The "Should I show you mercy because you're a woman" thing even if I really shouldn't have found that funny.
- A particular scene of comedic dialogue after characters get off a train
- the last 20 minutes (purely because it was a bit more interesting, albeit still not good)
- A fighting scene where women aren't ogled or glorified for simply being women fighting
- One scene where we 'learn' why people were chosen for the hunt because it was subtle (a short camera pan over photographs that evoke real world things).
- The fact that Trump picked this movie to get upset about while wasting so much time, energy, and general emotional space among his base for like a few days
- Glenn Howerton reprises his role as Dennis
- Macon Blair with & without beard (but mostly with beard)

Things I Hated:
- Macon Blair making me want to watch this movie only to be in it for like 7 minutes in total.
- The ultra-violence was tasteless because the movies subtext was neither smart enough nor satirical enough to make it enjoyable. It mostly just felt... gross.
- I couldn't figure out if the Betty Gilpin's character was supposed to be weird, be on the spectrum, or simply have withdrawal since she kept going for cigarettes, and having these things rotate in my mind made me feel really morally uncomfortable.
- The fact that, if her character is supposed to be on the spectrum, not casting someone on the spectrum (unless Betty Gilpin is, then I apologize for the confusion. It's not your fault, it's the films fault for confusing me).
- Animal violence (not real) at the expense of a bad joke
- The pretentiousness of implying that someone simply reading a book, specifically Animal Farm, is surprising to anyone else.
- The general pretentiousness of the entire film, while also mixed in with ultra-violence that assaults you for, like, 40 minutes of the movie before it actually turns into a movie
- The general 'dad' energy bleeding through the film with a female lead
- The general air of successful, rich people making a movie that comes across as self-criticism of themselves while actively writing lines that criticize lower/middle-class people that also don't sound realistic while then espousing what's 'right' through the lens of a character that is so unrealistic that I simply cannot believe it exists.

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