The Social Dilemma ★★★

So I was planning to do a write-up for this movie including links to several times tech companies have sold your data without permission, their platforms have been used for murder and social injustice on mass scales, and how they've ultimately been cesspools of evil despite how innocuous they can be.

But I'm just so busy and The Gospel Coalition already did a small write-up that I'll link to the bottom that I just can't be bothered today. Sometimes you watch a movie and you're like, "This is perfect for me to share some great thoughts! I've kept up with this topic for months and years!" but I'm just tired, and we all know that Facebook is an immoral company, that Jack Dorsey outright apologized for making Twitter, and that even Ellen Pao stepped down from Reddit when she made the decision to stop promoting hate speech and pornography on her platform.

That last one always makes me sad because Ellen Pao essentially asked herself and her teammates, "Sure, users are on our platform more if they are jerking off or if they're vehemently angry at each other, which gets us more ads, but isn't that bad?". And when she did something about it, everyone and their mom on Reddit lost their minds even though she didn't do anything wrong, so she stepped down.

And whose fault is that? At some point, not even the platforms. Not even the ones who've made it. It's ours. It's (puts on clown paint) SoCiEtY's.

So, that's all I have to say. I have low brain power. I want to play video games. I need an aspirin, probably.

Don't watch this and get sad. Be hopeful. But also, be mindful. Delete your social media. Except LB. We like LB. :)

TCG write-up:

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