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  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth


    Continuing my catch-up on ‘The Musch’ after he left me by a forked path in Down By Law. Now I’m coaxed “back to the good old world”, steered by the gravelly croons of Tom Waits, with a little more polka this time. Like his previous efforts, unconcerned with winding plots and epic battles, we find an eclectic array of strangers brought together by an ordinary winter evening. These stories are connected by one time, one venue, and Jarmusch’s humanist pursuits.…

  • Boys State

    Boys State


    I was ready for a doc waging a one-sided war. Taking the virtuous side of a single party, idealistically finding futility in its struggle. Amanda McBain and Jesse Moss’ Boys’ State is a small slice of the annual event held across the country, but it manages to be surprisingly even-handed in its simulated portrayal of warring factions.  

    The principal subjects, especially Rene Otero are phenomenal public speakers. I am keen to see their progress when they do get into…

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  • Household Saints

    Household Saints


    Sausage and peppers, a decidedly northeast coast dish that my darling companion yearns for on a daily basis, also the starting point for a whimsical story spun by aging grandparents, and a culture built on handing down the stories that made them. Personally, I decline the sausage and peppers, they give me “agida”.

    This is a place where it can be too damn hot to move. Men scoff at the prospect of leaving their card tables. Where your local butcher…

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    Let me be frank, musicals are not my thing, song and dance numbers have never been my go-to entertainment, and may just be my least favorite genre. As a young kid, my parents rented Newsies, and about halfway through, boredom kicked in and I abruptly left the room without a word. Still to this day, I have never given it a second chance. And then there’s Bob Fosse. His brand of musical filled with hyper-sexualized choreography captured my attention in…