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  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy


    Okay I’m lowkey happy this got slaughtered by critics because Amanda Seyfried now has a HUGE chance of winning the Oscar. 

    So yeah it wasn’t as awful as everyone was putting it out to be. I know a lot of people hated it because of how controversial JD is but Idk much about his life now soo. It was an okay drama life telling story that had flashbacks and flash forwards which I loveee. 

    However there were soo many dumb…

  • Sharp Objects

    Sharp Objects


    If this is the closest thing I can get to a big little lies season 3 then I’ll take it

    Thanks twitter for spoiling the last twist even if it was obvious

    Amy & Patricia were both snubbed for an Emmy😭

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  • Clouds



    This what happens when you Disneyfy a movie. You can’t get into serious things and it sucks because many of the ideas were brought up but never mentioned again. 
    Love you Neve 😚

  • Double Date

    Double Date


    This was fun I guess. It’s mainly because of the characters they just have so much chemistry together. Jim & Lulu both have a cute crush on each other. Jim & Alex have a strong friendship. Plus Alex’s feminine side coming out in some scenes were so funny. Kitty & Alex’s love/hate friendship was fun too. Kitty is iconic. She’s in her own little bubble and reminds me of Jennifer check. Both gorgeous and love to kill men.