The Princess and the Frog ★★★½

I would’ve enjoyed this story more when I was younger, but as a cynical adult, I can’t buy into the whole “I met this dude, and only a few days later, we’re getting married! 🥰😍😘” This movie’s WAY too optimistic and upbeat for my dark soul.

As much as I dislike cloying fairy tales, I know how they permeate our culture. If impressionable kids are going to watch these movies and dream of being princesses, at least Tiana is a better example than her predecessors. Tiana isn’t lying unconscious, waiting for a prince to kiss her. She didn’t have to give up her voice to charm a man or wait for him return her glass shoe. She was on her own journey and ... happened to fall in love on the way 🥴 I’m not hopeful about Tiana’s marriage to a sex-addicted prince, but this is still an update from the classics.