Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

The mammoth amounts of hype this film has been receiving had me excited but cautious at the same time. It isn't often a film is this instantly beloved by the masses and all the hype turns out to be fully deserved, I could probably count the examples on one hand. Everything Everywhere All At Once thoroughly shook me to my core, I laughed, I cheered and I may have even shed a tear.

By now it has been said so much that it is probably already an extremely cliched thing to say but this film really does live up to its namesake, it is everything, everywhere, all at once. A fusion of comedy, sci-fi, family drama blended in to a kung fu film, there's even a smidge of horror in certain scenes to truly tick every box. Michelle Yeoh is phenomenal in the lead role as Evelyn, displaying just how varied her skillset is by effortlessly playing to every one of these genres strengths in her performance, she is hilarious and she is badass but she can also absolutely deliver in the more heartfelt dramatic scenes. A true all round performance that raises the bar and will hopefully be remembered for years to come. The return of Ke Huy Quan to the big screen was also a tremendous delight. Everything I just said about Michelle Yeoh can be said for Quan, nailing the dramatic scenes with sophistication, displaying expert comedic timing in the funnier scenes and simultaneously delivering some of the best fight scenes I've ever seen captured in a film. Relative newcomer Stephanie Hsu should be the weak link in the main trio of characters but without a shadow of a doubt holds her own against the two titans she shares the screen with and delivers an equally unforgettable performance which in turn creates probably one of the strongest trio's of performances I've ever seen in a film.

I'm in complete awe of how the film was made, Everything from the set design and the costumes to the visual effects and cinematography really make the film stand out and have it's own identity. The decision to be as practical as possible really does help, the martial arts fight scenes really are among the greatest I've ever seen and are perfectly choreographed and all the little moments like Evelyn's universe skips being filmed in slow motion and sped up in post create remarkable and unique visuals.

For a film to go from having me crying with laughter to crying with emotion within seconds is no easy feat at all, but Everything Everywhere All At Once manages to not only achieve this, but make it seem completely natural and seamlessly flow from one beat to the next while juggling the numerous genres the film is attempting to be. It is staggering just how well the creative vision of the Daniel's comes across in this film. Everyone go and watch this right now if you haven't already! A true instant classic, possibly the best cinema experience I've ever had and a film that I am counting down the days until I can watch it again!

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