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  • This Is the End

    This Is the End

    Comedy it says yeah I only laughed like a few times most on the scene with the demon making fun of them all being tied to the bed that shit was hilarious however rest of this film wasnt. Hey if you like dick, weed, sex jokes and swearing and found that funny then all power to you but I dont it's just annoying and the low and effortless kind of comedy like the word fuck and dick isnt funny my…

  • Three Little Wolves

    Three Little Wolves


    This was more fun than a lot of the other shirts on disney plus. I wanna pointvout a few things in this though as I dont think these things would pass today in a kids film or short.

    Title should be three little natzis
    There a part that suggest a threesone
    And a trap from jigsaw

    Part of shorts I'm trying to watch daily but missed a few due to scavenger hunt challenge

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  • Wonder



    The more I explore films the more I realise I'm just a sucker for emotional rollercoaster types of films and this definitely does that. I've seen this like I dunno at least 5 times and it still gets me every time. I love every character to bits, every moment feels so special and I just adore the way they show of different characters in their own sections throughout the film. Auggie and jack are just the cutest friendship ever.

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  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    I absolutely love the feel of this film like it legit is just one of those films I could watch like 100 times and never be bored in the slightest. The characters are just so layered and well developed as the film progresses, the soundtrack is an absolute banger and for a change that roesnt occur to often for me I loved the relationship with Ali. Like this out of all the old films is the one I regret never…