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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode 7 Spoiler Review:

So I totally called Agnes being a villain in my review for Episode 6, there was just too much set up like her and Ralph’s anniversary being on the date of the Salem Witch Trial, the fact that she was wearing a witch costume in Episode 6, and the fact that Sparky just magically died in her bush (glad that got addressed too). I’m curious about Pietro though, because Agnes was controlling him, but is he X-Men Pietro being controlled by Agnes, or someone she created, either way I’m excited to find out. I loved the modern family and office style bits of this episode, those are two of my favorite comfort shows so it was great to see their influence (also, Wanda’s kitchen looked so much like Phil and Claire’s in Modern Family it was uncanny). Monica finally got her powers from the comics which the visuals looked insanely good, plus we got to hear archive footage of Captain Marvel and Nick Fury which was cool. The post credit scene was also really cool, glad Pietro is still gonna play a part in the story.

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