Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★★

"That movie is playing across the country, and it didn't have no titties, it didn't have no funny, and it didn't have no kung fu." Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) says this after catching a screening of THE FRONT PAGE, and it spurs him to turn his stand-up character Dolemite into a big-screen superhero (despite the fact that he and his pals know nothing about making movies). While the debate about entertainment vs. art in the cinema rages on all around us, this movie comes out swinging in favour of giving the people what they want, with some timely commentary on racial representation on the big screen as well. Constructed from many a well-worn biopic cliche, true, but that stuff works when applied properly. More than anything else, it's massively entertaining, and great to see Murphy in a quality movie again. I watched this whole film with a big grin on my face--it's probably my favourite movie of 2019 so far.