In a Lonely Place ★★★★½

“I came here to say these things out loud and be laughed at. But you’re not laughing.”
- Laurel

Two genres in one movie: a film noir whodunnit combined with a great melodrama. That Criterion Channel is batting 1000. Nicolas Ray is mostly known for that overrated James Dean movie, but In A Lonely Place has been the on my radar for many years and I finally had the chance to see it on that new streaming service.

Endlessly quotable, Bogart really makes the whole thing work. I read he actually bought the rights to the novel himself after reading it. He was set on playing that character. It’s a bold and raw role, as the script has no mercy for its hero. Or should I say antihero. There are scenes that really makes you feel something’s wrong with this guy, but you can’t quite not like him. Very hard to get this perfect balance.

Gloria Grahame I had just discovered lately in The Big Heat; great actress. Up there with Hepburn and so on. But yeah, honestly Bogart really scared the shit out of me by the end.

Totally killer ending to a really wicked film.

“ I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me.”
- Dixon