The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm ★★★

Like all Ken Russell movies, I'm sure that weed, shrooms and a fair amount of Pink Floyd in the background played a role in the screenplay. It is one part low budget horror film (with an interesting mythos) and one part next level bonkers!

An archeologist discovers the head of an ancient snake god. The immortal worshipper of the god lives close and decides to find a virgin (in 1988?) to sacrifice to resurrect him. A very young Hugh Grant is on the case as his sister's girlfriend.

It is an enjoyable movie despite the Monty Python animation and utter weirdness. Following the IMDB rating system, I give it 6/10 and call it a priority rental or stream.

*This review is party of my attempt to watch, review and rate as many horror movies as possible year-by-year beginning in 1972 (the year I was born) until the present in order to compile Top 10 lists for each year and decade. Tune back in daily for more.