Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★½

This could have easily become an all-time favorite movie of mine, had I seen it as a child. But this classic 80s adventure movie still worked for me, now that I saw it for the first time - closed my education gap in an enjoyable way then!

Big Trouble in Little China is one of those films that hits the gas pedal at an early point in the story and never loses steam as it delves further and further into its wonderfully magical world. You understand each character's personality and motivation and are just along for the ride instantly.

Fun fact: in the mid-2010s, screenwriting duo Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz wrote a script for a remake, starring Dwayne Johnson as Jack Burton. It was supposed to be a tribute to 2000s Chinese action movies, similar to how the original was a loveletter to 1970s ones. There was apparently also supposed to be a prologue showing Lo Pan's tragic backstory getting cursed in ancient China, à la Coppola's Dracula. Later, however, it was decided to go the Force Awakens/Dark Fate route and have The Rock play a new character mentored by Kurt Russell's Burton. So Stentz and Miller aren't attached anymore (and as far as I know, neither is a director), likely putting the reboot/sequel/whateveritwillbe on hold.

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