This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Aw yes, the only trans girl in Belgium (seriously there's no other trans people who exist in this movie) who wants to achieve being a ballerina, the model of ultimate femininity. Our ballerina Lara- who's played by a dude- has a lot of wear and tear on her, starting with her feet that she labors on. Don't forget that. You cannot possibly forget that. You get closeups of those feet so many times. Almost the amount of times you see a chest absent of female breasts or the presence of a penis.

Girl supposes, what if that wear and tear doesn't just extend to Lara's balletic feats but her quest for a more affirming gender? Alas, what if for Lara, "Some things can't change", much like her ballet teacher told her?

Cut to Lukas Dhont:

Trash. Never underestimate the utter arrogance of cis artists or cis people in the media to think they can report trans stories much less author them in a way that wasn't perpetuating bullshit. It's telling that Lara is quite a horrific self-advocate- absent of a trans community or connection to something if not in the flesh than something on a device (like the internet)- to serve no other purpose than to raise the cis men in her life (her therapist and her father) to push her, affirm her, and lecture her about her trans journey because that gives the audience a cushion and life preserver on this film. It was made for them and not us.

The scissor scene should be a career-killer and I say that as somebody who in college spent my dysphoria episodes watching Haneke films.

Would give it half a star but the Dad was hot.