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  • Fool for Love

    Fool for Love

    I tend to love Altman play adaptations more than most (this is actually his least play-like play adaptation) have and Harry Dean really is a stand-out but I’m really not sure Shepard and Altman work together.

    I wish Alex Cox directed Sam Shepard plays.

  • His Kind of Woman

    His Kind of Woman


    The Liza Minnelli Tries To Turn Off A Lamp of film noirs and that’s a compliment.

    Mitchum’s stoned, Price is on uppers, Russell is pretty unaffected by all the murder, and Farrow has some of the most beautiful, expressive uses of close-ups that I’ve ever seen for the genre.

  • Class of '44

    Class of '44

    No Jennifer O'Neill and no Michel Legrand. No fucking dice.

  • The Prince and the Showgirl

    The Prince and the Showgirl

    my week with Marilyn wishes

  • Josie and the Pussycats

    Josie and the Pussycats

    Tara Reid walked so Amanda Seyfried could run.

  • Sylvia Scarlett

    Sylvia Scarlett


  • Daddy and the Muscle Academy

    Daddy and the Muscle Academy

    There better be a centennial next year for Daddy Tom.

  • More


    IDK I watched this high

  • Carnal Knowledge

    Carnal Knowledge

    Jonathan is a such a Jax and Sandy is such a Sandoval.

  • Galveston



    Undeserved Big Star needle drop closer but Laurent is still very much an exciting stylist. Just wish there was more spark with the leads.

  • Mortal Thoughts

    Mortal Thoughts

    Rudolph’s Married To The Mob

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born

    Sprawling (granted I'm watching the 3+ hour version) versus the minimalist, austerity of the 2018 version (that I have a lot of love for). What I like is the meet-cute of Norman and Vicki is that it's incredibly inconsequential. Honestly, some of my strongest relationships have that level of 'Hmm.... who the hell is this person?' than the immediate bolt of lightning and weighty importance of the connection.

    Still a masterpiece although I am strangely cool on Mason-Garland like the other pairings even as their performances in isolation are one for the ages.