Carol ★★★★½


A beautiful, mesmerizing film, capturing with remarkable precision the feelings of love, the equal doses of longing and apprehension that shapes each and every relationship. Director Todd Haynes shapes CAROL around the subversion of the male gaze; we see everything in the film through Carol and Therese (it's no coincidence that she desires to be a photographer), from the way they look at the world to the way they look at each other (seriously, the scene where the two first set eyes on each other is breathtaking). Meanwhile, Edward Lachman's Super 16mm photography is just as breathtaking, shades of green, red, and blue bringing 1950s New York to life. But more remarkable still are the performances at the heart of the story, with Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara delivering career-best work. This film wouldn't work without them, and both actresses disappear into their roles with remarkable skill. CAROL delivers a romance to cherish.

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