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Entertainment and Media Studies and Film Studies major at the University of Georgia

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  • Rushmore



    Still one of my favorite films. Realistically, it’s probably a four star film, but it occupies too big a place in my heart to try and be objective. It’s the best in Anderson’s filmography for three reasons.

    First, the film occurs before Anderson’s style overtook his narrative concerns. The film certainly employs techniques for which he’d later be known, but the planimetric style is not exclusively the mode of the film the way it is in his later works. The…

  • Summer Hours

    Summer Hours


    I wish I watched this a few years ago, but I'm also glad I'm watching it now.

    As a kid I always cared a lot about objects. From my toys to my stuffed animals to the trinkets passed down by my grandparents, I attributed immense psychic weight to all things physical. I slept with all of my stuffed animals because I didn't want the others to get jealous, and I was horrified about the prospect of giving away any of…

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  • The Ghoul Log: Trick 'r Treat Sam O'Lantern

    The Ghoul Log: Trick 'r Treat Sam O'Lantern


    One of the sequels better than the first! This pumpkin’s scarier than the first, his spookiness coupling with a more textured mise-en-scène and deeper space. Delightful!

  • The Ghoul Log

    The Ghoul Log


    This is my Wavelength.

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  • Hollywood



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    An abominable, hideous fetishization of representation in media.

    When Moonlight won Best Picture in 2016, it did a lot of things. People saw themselves represented on screen, they were told that their stories mattered, and the industry was shown that bold, diverse stories can be profitable and critically viable in awards season. It was a watershed moment for popular American cinema, it is my tied for my favorite movie, and it is the reason why I'm in college for film.…

  • Eraserhead



    Lynch’s greatest achievement is making something this powerful and this formally elegant as his first feature. I find Fire Walk With Me to be more moving and personally affecting, but this is the definitive work in Lynch’s catalogue.

    I’ve seen this film many times now. I always forget the order in which events occur. It’s so profoundly dreamlike that I can never remember the film beat for beat the same way I can other films. Something that struck me this…