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  • The Passion of Anna

    The Passion of Anna


    Absolutely magical. I'm sort of new to Bergman, and this is the fourth of his films that I've seen at this moment, but this was the one that finally had me realizing why he's so beloved. I'd enjoyed his other works, but it was this one that sort of crystalized a lot of what the other ones that I've seen were saying.

    For a while now I've been really wanting to watch movies that had happy endings, or at the…

  • Suspiria



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Still terrific.

    Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria is a super polarizing film, and I get why a lot of people feel that way. It isn’t for everyone, but I also feel like writing it off because of an initial reaction isn’t what this film deserves.

    I’ve seen this film five or so times now and I still love it more and more with each viewing.

    I don’t think approaching this movie from a traditional standpoint will make its thematic ideas very apparent.…

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  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall


    Annie Hall is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for deeply misogynist cinephiles who weaponize their neuroses for pity sex.

    Is it shot well? Yes. Are the fourth wall-breaking cutaways and subtitles an effective stylistic touch? Yes.

    That's it for the positives.

    This is a story about an older man, twice married, obsessed with sex, and constantly pushing his pseudo-intellectual world view onto his girlfriend, a woman of half his age whom he constantly…

  • Antichrist



    One of the rare Criterion picks that I just despise. This is one of the worst film's I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

    Von Trier is a talentless hack, an amateurish provocateur masking his inadequacy in shocking displays of violence and sexuality and shaky handheld camera motions.

    The only moments of the film that earn it a star and a half are the slow motion dream shots. And even those are done better in Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, a…

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  • I Am Love

    I Am Love


    Yeah so Luca Guadagnino may be the horniest director alive. This movie was made at the tail-end of the tackiest decade in human history, and that has some effect on some of the early scenes in terms of outfits and lighting, which start off in a deeply unsettling valley between The Sopranos and Mulholland Drive. Despite this rocky start, it’s a beautiful film and an interesting benchmark to look back at Guadagnino coming into his own as an auteur. It…

  • Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too


    Miley Cyrus covering NIN is the best music she’s made in years.

    This one feels more like a classic Black Mirror episode. Post San Junipero, they’ve got a problem with how the endings go, and this one tackles that in a way that feels more refreshing than, say, Striking Vipers.

    It still has some pitfalls that keep it from really being great. It seems at once futuristic and anachronistic without coming to a meaningful synthesis of the two. Jack’s whole…