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  • The Devil's Own

    The Devil's Own


    Think this is the movie that forced Brad Pitt to talk like a pikey in Snatch, so there's that.

  • Lady Driver

    Lady Driver


    Essentially, it's a movie you've seen before, but you will likely never watch this. To say that this movie is by the numbers is an overstatement. You'll likely predict all of the movies plot points, but they really don't have any sort of heft to them, it's more like beats that the film makers wanted to hit. Still, despite drifting into the occasional trope, there's enough sort of unintentionally comic awkwardness to keep you going through the movies 3 something…

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  • The Beasts' Carnival

    The Beasts' Carnival


    To say a Paul Naschy film is bizarre may be superfluous, but it deserves to be reiterated here, this film is bizarre. Definitely a prime example of the Spanish Giallo (amarilla?). Someone told me that Naschy was very misanthropic during the creation of this film, almost every character (Paul especially) is a reprehensible piece of shit. That being said if you enjoy Giallo you should be able to get a lot out of this.

  • High Life

    High Life


    Very pretty and effective multi genre high concept sci fi.