Sorcerer ★★★★★

Absolutely incredible action thriller. Matches and maybe exceeds the superb Wages of Fear that I also loved.

The practical effects are jaw dropping. The central/south American locations and impending real danger felt Fitzcaralldo-like. I don't know how they filmed some of this - logic suggests models and the like- but I don't want to know. It felt 100% real which added to the tension and was proof again that the cgi does not age as well as the best of practical effects. The eye can tell the difference.

The opening extended variation of the 'bringing the group together' provides context for each of the main character. Importantly, this adds stakes so we understand why they each sign up for the desperate suicide mission. And each character's back story set up was thrilling by itself.

Each obstacle was worthy of being the centerpiece of its own film, especially the bridge. The tree scene slowed the action down yet sped the tension up to 11.

What a film.

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