Satantango ★★★★

I did it, guys. I finally watched the seven-hour long, black-and-white Hungarian movie where nothing happens. This is my 250th logged movie on Letterboxd, so I chose to celebrate with something special.

Obviously Sátántangó is known for its gargantuan runtime, but to my surprise I was never bored or annoyed by the slow pacing. The film has a strange way of engaging the viewer, without any trickery whatsoever.

Absolutely nothing feels arbitrary, amateur or even too experimental here. You're in the hands of an experienced artist with complete control. I'm sure I would get the same feeling if I read the book this is based on. There's complete confidence in every aspect of the work.

I'm not so sure giving the film five stars, though. I was completely in love with about three hours of the movie, and really enjoyed the rest. The scenes with narration are definitely highlights (makes me want to read the book this is based on), and so are all the scenes with Irimiás. He is the best character in the movie, but we don't see enough of him.

Also I loved the bell sounds effects. They give a hypnotic feeling of a dread.

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