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  • Sisyphus



    Sisyphean myth beautifully distilled into a two-minute short filled with gorgeously fluid animation and lots of Hungarian grunting.

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  • Layer Cake

    Layer Cake


    I have to admit to not having much of a clue what was happening throughout Layer Cake, which is why Daniel Craig's XXXX is a great audience surrogate because he spends most of the film two steps behind everyone else and playing catch up. I enjoyed it a lot though, particularly the performances of Michael Gambon and Colm Meaney, as well as Craig.

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  • Spider-Man



    It's such a shame that Spider-Man has become one giant walking meme because it is a solid superhero adventure from a time when solid superhero adventures still didn't really exist.

    Much like Bryan Singer's X-Men, this film could be blamed for starting the glut of superhero films that we are (un)fortunate to have these days, but it's also a product of its time in the sense that it did a lot of the heavy lifting for the genre in establishing…

  • Thor



    If nothing else, I think the humour of Thor is really underrated amongst the plague that exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: quipping. The humour in this, which is helped out a lot by Thor's fish-out-of water predicament, is really subtle and understated. For example, Thor smashing a mug and shouting "ANOTHER!" is hilarious because he knows this to be a sign of respect and gratefulness for sampling the wonders of the universe, but we Earth people don't like noise and outsiders.

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