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  • Planet Hulk

    Planet Hulk


    I wasn't expecting the much heralded Planet Hulk to be this bland. The gladiator battles are uninspiring, too many characters are useless (Korg and Miek are relegated to token appearances and I really can't understand what the appearances of Thor and Beta Ray Bill do to improve the story) and Rick D. Wasserman doesn't quite have the punch or the intensity in his performance as the Hulk that animated Hulk veteran Fred Tatasciore does.

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  • Hulk vs. Wolverine

    Hulk vs. Wolverine


    They just had to shoehorn Deadpool into here, didn't they?

    I like the incorporation of the Weapon X team into Hulk Vs. Wolverine's story but it just ends up being another mindless Hulk smash-a-thon.

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  • Spider-Man



    It's such a shame that Spider-Man has become one giant walking meme because it is a solid superhero adventure from a time when solid superhero adventures still didn't really exist.

    Much like Bryan Singer's X-Men, this film could be blamed for starting the glut of superhero films that we are (un)fortunate to have these days, but it's also a product of its time in the sense that it did a lot of the heavy lifting for the genre in establishing…

  • Thor



    If nothing else, I think the humour of Thor is really underrated amongst the plague that exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: quipping. The humour in this, which is helped out a lot by Thor's fish-out-of water predicament, is really subtle and understated. For example, Thor smashing a mug and shouting "ANOTHER!" is hilarious because he knows this to be a sign of respect and gratefulness for sampling the wonders of the universe, but we Earth people don't like noise and outsiders.

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