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This review may contain spoilers.

"We're in the middle of a case...of scotch."

I've never related to two characters more than I did Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs and Rene Russo's Lorna Cole. Allow me to explain...

Firstly, Cole tries to appear smooth and suave and sophisticated by saying, "Close is a lingerie shop without a front window," leaving me totally baffled trying to work out what the hell that means, only then for the film to immediately cut to a shot of Riggs with a look of utter bemusement on his face. Then, as the pair later find themselves stuck in a sticky situation, Riggs takes the inappropriate time to say that he doesn't know what the hell it means. I feel you, Riggs. I feel you, man.

Secondly, confronted by a snarling beast of a dog, Riggs gets on all fours and starts impersonating a dog and eating dog biscuits. Pretty standard behaviour for a cop you would agree. Again, I was left totally baffled at what I was witnessing, only for the film to then immediately cut to a shot of Cole with a look of utter bemusement on her face. I feel you, Cole. I feel you, man.

Whether that is down to the script or characterisation or direction, the film absolutely nails those two particular moments and still has me laughing now just thinking about them.

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