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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    mark these plains where nothing grows
    tricks of the eye of an essence seeped
    nothing but sunkissed cathedrals of
    plants & ghosts embroidered into time

    now we build our slicked temples
    great horns of iron aching unto earth
    the low spells we hum to the fossils
    as we dredge shadow from purest light

    our ancient harvest deaf to all but
    glory's cannons
    this peal beyond the angels this blood that
    floods our veins

    O corridors of fury
    crankshaft of empire
    chisel the sacred into form
    & tremble my sap unspun

    this is America calling
    the wind and the moon gliding west
    the split-open sun
    cleaving evening in two

  • A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale


    the room’s waves
    meet at the open window
    strum & crest
    folding atop the other
    in the slow afternoon
    the manylovered seaside
    & its batted-eye promise of Ouessant
    a land where promises are made or made slippery
    with smiling eyes
    under the sun’s embrace
    plucked strings rise and fall
    the groove waving along
    flowing out into the day’s brilliance
    yet landline cuts through melody
    voices ask for answers
    announce the evening’s rendezvous
    & silence trails words
    in the end the man
    refusing groups…

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  • Persona



    ‘She thinks that her life’s concepts don’t agree with her actions’

    Equally mesmerizing as it is menacing, Persona is a trip into a void. It is an exploration into humanism, sexuality, motherhood, but from one part of a whole. The personae we sculpt out of adaptation deviate from our true selves, innumerable forms emerging out of one divergence. The film forces you to realize that although you are watching a film, the film is watching you. These girl[s] are watching…

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    A film remarkably different in period and characterization (though not structure or exposition) than Tarantino’s other work, this is my favorite of his filmography. I have seen it a few times but still marvel at the ingenuity regarding story, sound design, gradually intensifying conflicts, et cetera. Tarantino still imbues his characters as pop-culture savvy, in this case regarding cinephilia. Even in the war the characters still have their passions of German and French cinema; Lt. Hicox (a charming, proper British…