Psycho Goreman

Psycho Goreman ★★★★★

I reacted to Psycho Goreman the way other people reacted to Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. And I liked that movie! The way some folks talked about it, they spent the runtime rolling on the floor, as if the movie was programmed to tickle their exact sense of humor. It’s so cool to experience a piece of media that feels like someone took their hands, scooped your brain out, and turned a dream into reality. You come out of an experience like that thinking “shit, if I knew the person behind this, I’m pretty sure we’d be friends.” It’s weird!

I was, no shit, cackling so loudly that I kept triggering our outdoor camera to send a notification something was happening outside. (We put a TV in our garage, and frequently get together with a friend or two to socially distance movies in there. With the garage door open the whole time, obv.) I eventually had to turn it off, because my belly laughs were sending those notifications to both me and my wife and it was distracting from the movie.

At one point, I told the group we were with that I had to pause it. Usually, when I need to hit the bathroom, I let the movie keep rolling and just ask what happened, because missing a minute or two isn’t a big deal. I was not going to miss a minute of this.

But I make no apologies for laughing that hard, because Psycho Goreman is everything I was hoping for and, truth be told, way more. I expected to like it because of the emphasis on practical effects because...well, that’s bait. It’s not just a fun movie, it’s good. It’s R-rated Power Rangers, aesthetically? But that undersells how genuinely funny the whole endeavor is, a movie that would have been a success merely for fully commits to its ridiculous bit, but then becomes something altogether special because of what it does with that foundation.

I cannot wait to watch this movie again. I might do it tonight.