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    Long story short I planned to come out to my family over email (preferring my control over the written word to the melodrama and awkward chaos of revealing that I was in a relationship with another man in person) before a screening of this at university. It went well but it was terrifying. It’s still strange to think that I’ve opened up a room of my life that has been closed for so long. It feels like being stripped naked.…

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    Writing about theories of reference, philosopher Hilary Putnam imagined a conversation between two robots capable of simulating a perfectly realistic conversation. Human observers can infer meaning from the conversation, and even imagine that the robots have agency, intent and goals which they are expressing, though subtly, through a conversation about (for instance) the scenery in New England. However, the robots lack the mental ability to know what it is they are talking about. They've never seen New England; they don't…

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  • May I Please Enter

    May I Please Enter

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    someone should cast Tim Heidecker in a new Frankenstein movie.

    Jordan Peele repeatedly remind us that horror films dont need to justify their existence makes so much sense in the context of this movie. as others have said, you’re not meant to overthink it, even if you think Peele is trying to lead you towards an early revalation. when exposition comes, it both raises more questions and reminds us of what we already know, but that doesn’t matter; what matters…