Favorite films

  • Zigeunerweisen
  • Working Girls
  • Bandini
  • Fine Manners

Recent activity

  • Drive My Car


  • Story of a Prostitute


  • The Death of David Cronenberg

  • The Diary of a Chambermaid


Recent reviews

  • Benedetta


    Not a fan of movies whose every element that should contribute to world-building instead exists to exclusively furnish the resulting transgressions, or at least reach a punchline. The refusal to confirm or deny the governing dilemma is the safest route, and what’s left is a series of leaden—and visually unmotivated—standoffs.

  • Cry Macho

    Cry Macho


    Clint strikes a welcome balance between A Perfect World and The Mule here, another roundelay of simple pleasures that mostly sidesteps the animating preciousness of those aforementioned films. Resolutely anti-gimmicky (it’s not exactly an odd-couple pairing, and it’s not a nonagenarian working for the cartel), the age difference working mostly to highlight the attendant and gradual breakdown of a life governed by masculinity—Mike is quick with his punches, but how much longer will that be guaranteed?

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