Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★½

The last time I watched this movie, I was a greasy highschool freshman who wore t-shirts in winter and played videogames and loved Akira and Toonami and still remembered a time when the Sci-Fi Channel® would show late night anime like Galaxy Express 999 complete with weird bewigged hostess segments (what was the name of this series?). So, my young dumb self thought Ghost in the Shell was TOO BORING and had TOO MUCH TALKING to really grab my interest.

Boy was I wrong! The "talking" is the best part in this movie and what sets it apart from other dystopian cyberpunk actioners. Sure, the handful of the action sequences, like the footchase and the tank showdown, play fast and fierce and beautiful and almost melancholic. But the real meat and potatoes lie in the meditation on sentience and humanity. DO androids really dream of electric sheep? Or are dreams just part of their programming? Imagine a story told from the perspective of a Blade Runner replicant contemplating her own humanity, and you're in for one heady li'l slice of tech fantasy. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for kool cyberpunk neonscapes and robots performing maintenance on themselves and droning city rain scores and dashes of '90s CGI. What a difference revisiting this movie half a life time later!

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