I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

This is a movie that makes 121984734923856239863987 jokes about how an overweight person likes to eat so much, but also wants to make some sort of pointed social commentary about how we're all Tonya's abusers? Tonally schizoid, and CGI-ing Margot Robbie's face onto an actual figure skater's body during pivotal performances doesn't seem like the best choice. But I found myself on Tonya's side and rooting for her to ice dance to more ZZ Top and paint her nails blue and dump her abusive idjit husband for the thousandth time and actually WIN. I'm probably more attracted to the true life story than the way it's presented in this movie, but I Tonya goes down smooth and slick enough and had enough bite to keep me invested. Shame about those obvious dad rock needle drops tho.

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