LA 92 ★★★★½

I was just a li'l tyke when the Rodney King verdict dropped, and the L.A. riots exploded. So, I don't remember much of the details. Like how the riot lasted DAYS. And spread wide across the city from South Central to Hollywood. Or how those events stripped everyone down to their basest darkest human instincts. Neighbors shooting at each other. Elderly people weeping in the street. Cops sitting and watching or sprinting across parking lots after whoever's convenient with no clue or plan or care. A strolling dude setting palm trees on fire just 'cause he can. Store owners blocking broken windows with their bodies and screaming at looters caught up in the anger and pain and frenzy.

LA '92 really captures the seething outrage about the widening trench that separates the few gobbling up all the wealth and power and everyone else. A turbulent sea of angry Angelenos screaming and picketing and smashing windows and burning the damn city to the ground 'cause the only way to get rid these institutions stacking the deck against anyone who's not an old, rich, white dude is to wipe the board clean and start over. Will these DINOS ever let got of America's reigns? How much more of this sick and rigged Monopoly game are we going to have to play until another massive riot breaks out? Thanks for making me MAD, LA '92!