Manhunter ★★★★

Michael Mannhunter delivers the chilly, 80's, neon-tinged serial killer goods here. I loved the lush synth soundtrack and slow zooms, but could've done without the over the top action shootout capping the hunt for Dollarhyde. The climax didn't really jive with the tone and pacing of the rest of the film and felt more like a tacked on thriller requirement.

Tom Noonan delivers a really nuanced take on a serial killer, though. I liked his introverted, whispery, almost shy mannerisms. Way to ground a guy who murders families and shoves broken mirrors into their eye sockets, Noonan. Albert Finney made some interesting choices with "Lecktor" as well: more plain old disturbed individual than calculating, hyper intelligent super villain. His lack of eye contact with Graham really did it for me. Much better performances than the typical jittery, bug eyed, loud route some actors take when tackling serial killer territory, anyway. I really dug William Petersen when he got into the minds of the killers, too. Intense and creepy as all get out!

Lots of Mann tropes pop up here and there. Harried men gazing out skyscraper windows, neon-bathed ennui, cold cityscapes. I especially liked the long take of William Petersen pressing his hand against a high rise office window as a frigid synth trembled. No joke. The tiger touching scene was also ace. THAT SCORE THOUGH. You could play it over me eating a burrito in bed and create a feeling of doomy, dreamy dread.

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