Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★½

A 13 + hour cinematic experience I won't soon forget! I took a whole day off to watch this bad boy, and I got so much more experiencing Out 1 with a theater full of likeminded cinenerds sunk into popcorn crumbed upholstery for the long haul. This monumental day of film will remain shelved in my noggin for many long years down memory lane. Upon exiting the theater, I felt like I had completed an especially strenuous mental and visual marathon. My poor, tired eyeballs and over caffeinated brain needed some ice to cool down!

Honestly, I could've done without the hour(s) long extended sequences of primal scream experimental theater rehearsals. Watching actors pretend to be gibbering adult babies writhing and climbing and groping and slobbering over each other tested my patience at points. But like any serial (this is divided into 8 episodes complete with ending cliffhangers, let's be real), the characters and atmosphere sunk their hook as the hours ticked past. The screen flashed to life whenever Juliet Berto (SIGH) scammed jabronis or Jean Pierre Leaud dug deeper into the conspiracy of "The Thirteen."

And those amazing long takes! I gotta admit I grew a bit too weary to clock the technical aspects of the film, but I definitely noticed most scenes transpiring over the course of several-minute-long shots capturing (what seems like) improvised performances.

Butt what does Out 1 MEAN, you ask? I'd probably need a second trip into Paris and its double to fully explain the character motivations and plot machinations concerning "The Thirteen." But I loved how the whole shebang unraveled with the hazy plotting and elliptical character development of some beautiful, tangled fever dream.

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