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  • El Topo

    El Topo

    I watched El Topo for the first time a few days ago and thought it was pretty good, but afterwards I read about the controversy regarding the Rape scene.
    For those that don't know, Jodorowsky once said in an old interview that he took actress Mara Lorenzio and two crew members out to the desert to film the Rape scene.
    Then he proceeded to Rape Mara Lorenzio for real infront of the rolling cameras.
    Fifty years later that story came…

  • Fando and Lis

    Fando and Lis

    I don't think I've ever hated a director as much as I hate Alejandro Jodorowsky.
    This is the most obnoxious, gross, mean-spirited, emotionally empty, thematically muddled, aimless, pointless mess I have ever encountered.
    And worst of all, it's fucking boring.
    This film is everything I hate about his work in its purest form, artless annoying shock value that serves no purpose other than to quickly and cheaply capture the audience's attention and then do absolutely nothing but waste their time…

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  • Onward


    The Evolution of Pixar:
    Toy Story: What if toys were alive?
    A Bug's Life: What if bugs had Society?
    Finding Nemo: What if fish had feelings?
    The Incredibles: What if the Fantastic Four read Ayn Rand?
    Cars: What if cars were alive?
    Wall-E: What if robots had feelings?
    The Good Dinosaur: What if dinosaurs had Society?
    Inside Out: What if feelings had feelings?
    Coco: What if Mexicans had feelings?
    Onward: What if Bright was actually good?

  • Dune


    If I wanted to I could write a long rant about why I didn't like Dune: Part One but honestly the film just made me so fucking tired that I had lost all interest in talking about it less than half way through the screening.
    I had literally started planning what to do with my evening while the last act was still happening in front of my eyes.
    In short, it's obvious that Denis loves the source material but his…