The Old Guard

The Old Guard ★★½

This is watchable but never quite worth watching.
The story is an incredibly formulaic, predictable, cliché ridden thing that you've seen many times before.
The best thing about this movie is easily the backstory and lore.
I'd much rather watch a mini-series about everything that happened before this movie than the movie itself.
The few flashbacks that appear are the only times the film truly comes alive.
In all the other scenes it feels as if the film is just goinh through the motions with no sense of style or identity.
The characters are flat and forgettable (except for the gay couple, they were fun and vastly underused), the style is basic and dull (the film is rarely, if ever, visually interesting) and everything outside the flashbacks just seems like phoned-in filler for a more interesting sequel.
Who doesn't want to watch an immortal Lesbian ex-power-couple battling it out.
In a perfect world this will be the beginning of a franchise full of interesting sequels and prequels that will surpass this film in every way.
The film is watchable and I didn't particularly regret wasting my time on it but it's also a film I don't see myself recommending or mentioning to anyone and it's not one I'd be eager to rewatch.
In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll have forgotten this thing in a few weeks and I'll only remember that it even exists when the sequel is released.