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  • The Caine Mutiny

    The Caine Mutiny


    A harrowing tale of the horrors of middle management.

  • Lisa, Lisa

    Lisa, Lisa


    A lurid and fast-paced regional cheapie about some sadistic mobsters who try to hide out in a farm house inhabited by the slightly deranged Lisa and her invalid father. When they take their impositions too far, she teaches them a lesson with her trusty axe. It’s a decent enough effort that overcomes its low budget with some interesting scenes and okay acting—the blood soup was particularly memorable, as is the blood splattering everywhere while she hacks up the intruders. Not the best of its type, but charming nonetheless.

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    Plate o' shrimp.

  • Good King Wenceslas

    Good King Wenceslas


    Ok, so this king, played by the floppy haired kid from GHOST DAD, does NOT look out on the Feast of Stephen even once. And if you think there's going to be a poor man who comes into sight, gathering winter fuel? Forget it. So, probably not canon.

  • A Flintstones Christmas Carol

    A Flintstones Christmas Carol


    Surprisingly faithful, though I don't recall quite so much barfing in Dickens' original story.

  • Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

    Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

    Are you sure you want to delete "AwesomeFunnyXmasScreensaver-Win95tucows.exe"?
    [ yes ] [ no ]

  • Dracula's Dog

    Dracula's Dog


    This SPOOKY BUDDIES prequel is kind of intense!

  • Rage to Kill

    Rage to Kill


    Below average even by Action International Pictures (AIP) standards, this sluggish military combat action movie shot in South Africa never seems to get anywhere near a coherent plot. James Ryan plays a jet car race driver(?!) who ends up on a Caribbean Island to rescue his brother but soon gets drafted into a confusing battle between rebel forces and the militants who seized power in a recent coup. In one of AIP's biggest casting triumphs, Oliver Reed plays the evil…

  • Defiance



    It's two-fisted Mormons vs the mob! This 20-minute SOV action short by actual LDS Elders is ostensibly about following religious rules, but is really a stunt-filled, beat-'em-up chase movie set and shot in North Carolina. On P-day, the once-a-week chance that Mormons have to catch up on their personal chores, a pair of youthful missionaries accidentally get caught up in a drug drop due to a shopping bag mix-up. When one Elder is kidnapped by an eyepatch-clad dealer upset his…

  • Tiger Claws III: The Final Conflict

    Tiger Claws III: The Final Conflict


    Like if KUNG FU THE LEGEND CONTINUES went drinking with SUPERMAN II, an SNES MORTAL KOMBAT cart, season 9 of DALLAS and a tired-looking Carter Wong.

  • Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear

    Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear


    Endless dumber

  • B.C. A Special Christmas

    B.C. A Special Christmas


    Imagine thinking it would not only be a great idea to do a Christmas special featuring cavemen that live in a pre-Christian era, but also to base it on a newspaper comic strip that literally references this time discrepancy in its title. But when you get Bob & Ray to do the voice work, I guess none of that really matters.