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New Age "Ambivideos"

New age music reached new levels of popularity in the 1980s, neatly coinciding with the popularity of home video. For the small upstart music labels saw their humble cassette releases move from specialty shops to legitimate record stores, now-affordable home video technology offered even more opportunities to market their albums to stressed young professionals. Before long, labels big and small were pumping out their own SOV home video releases that set gentle, twinkling new age albums against pleasant nature footage to produce what they attempted to sell as a more immersive relaxation experience. These videos promised to connect viewers with a more natural state, focusing on sweeping vistas and rolling seascapes, hushed woodlands and striking sunsets. The irony, of course,…

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  • Canyon Dreams
  • Crystal Suite
  • Desert Vision
  • Earth Dreaming
  • Earth Scapes
  • Earthdance
  • Escape to Nature's Beauty
  • Moodtapes - Tranquility
  • Moodtapes: Autumn Whispers, Winter Dreams
  • Moodtapes: Contemporary Christmas
  • Moodtapes: Moments - Serenity
  • Moodtapes: Nature’s Bouquet
  • Moodtapes: Ocean Reflections
  • Moodtapes: Pacific Surf
  • Moodtapes: Whispering Waters
  • Natural Light: Windance
  • Natural States
  • Neptune’s Garden
  • Opus Florida - Environmental Symphony
  • The Petrified Forest: A Picture Poem
  • Solace - A Windham Hill Collection
  • Solitudes: Loon Country by Canoe
  • Solitudes: Natural Beauty
  • Summer Wind
  • Terrestrial Odyssey
  • Timeless... A National Parks Odyssey
  • True North
  • Wave Break
  • Waves of Relaxation
  • Windham Hill: Autumn Portrait
  • Windham Hill: China
  • Windham Hill: Seasons
  • Windham Hill: Water's Path
  • Windham Hill: Western Light
  • Windham Hill: Tibet
  • Windham Hill: Winter