Battle in Outer Space

Battle in Outer Space ★★★

Movie #7 in Godzilla marathon.

Man, if I thought including The Mysterians on my Godzilla list was pushing it, this one BARELY fits into the canon at all. If pressed, the only explanation I could really give for its inclusion is that Battle in Outer Space is a loose sequel to The Mysterians (the first two installments in Ishiro Honda’s sort of space opera trilogy), and The Mysterians itself just barely fits into the canon becuase of the giant robot Moguera who would re-appear in a Godzilla film (albeit quite reimagined) 30 years later in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.

The movie itself was fine with some stellar miniature work, but a bit boring. With no monsters to speak of and only ridiculous looking little aliens, it might not be totally satisfying for anyone seeking out more monster driven fare.

I watched the original 90 minute Japanese version, which was cut down by about 16 minutes when released for American audiences.

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