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  • Horror House on Highway Five

    Horror House on Highway Five


    “Where’s the chloroform? Where’s the mask? Here’s the chloroform! Where’s the mask?” Everyone in this film is on quaaludes. “Everything is ready the hour is near and I have to deal with impatient mind maggots and a buffoon like you!” I suspected this was made by 80s hipsters & whaddayaknow theres a credit for Richard Meltzer as “Tough Guy”.
    Weirdly one of the few American movies to address the resettlement of nazis in the USA post WW2.

  • Koko-di Koko-da

    Koko-di Koko-da


    Genuinely nightmarish in the way it evokes the treadmill of memory & regret we’re all on, a film that uses horror to get somewhere else. Not sure it’s successful but it’s a great attempt.

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  • The Hard Way

    The Hard Way


    I've had some odd experiences in my life, that's for sure. One of the oddest was this: many years ago, as one of my first professional directing experiences, I ended up at a wrap party for some undistinguished TV show sitting next to the other director, who I hadn't met up to that point - an older man with a British accent who'd been living in Australia for years, Richard Ryan by name.

    We got talking about movies, discovered a…

  • Série noire

    Série noire


    Patrick Dewaere's untimely death is hard to ignore when you're watching this film, about a skinny, hypertense, delusional man who seems to be operating in a world of his own right from the extraordinary opening scene where he acts out an entire Hollywood movie all alone in a desolate outer-Paris car park.

    There's never been a better adaptation of Jim Thompson's novels, because nobody has ever been able to embody the dual nature of Thompson's protagonists - on the one…