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This review may contain spoilers.

Probably the first Zulawski film most people would have seen (outside of France, anyway, where his relatively restrained later films are way better known), this is genuinely one of the most extraordinary cinematic experiences available to us. I chose to re-watch it on the day of his terribly sad and premature demise because my wife hadn't seen it, and I didn't want to put her through the crappy semi-official DVD of Le Diable that was my first choice to view. Anyway, I'm glad I did - the Arrow blu is a superb piece of work, capturing the glorious cinematography and the harsh, discordant soundtrack, and allowing you to appreciate every nuance of Sam Neill & Isabelle Adjani's ever-growing amour fou. It's certainly the most upsetting film of relationship meltdown imaginable, and the focus on the effect of everything on their kid is perfectly judged - I have to confess, the final scene where he tries to warn his teacher not to answer the door to the Daddy-simulacrum that's waiting outside, then goes to hide himself away in his safe place, brought tears to my eyes, it's so clearly the work of a man who knows his tempestuous emotional life has damaged his child, and is torn up by it. Sure, the film scores 100 on the Psychotronic Meter, but beyond that, it's a heartfelt emotional story that could never have been told in any other medium. AZ was a filmmaker to the bone, and we've lost a true master.

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