Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★½

BTiLC is both awesome and super funny. Where else can you get weird Chinese demons, Mel Brooks-style schtick, a gang shoot-out, and a magic martial arts brawl all in one movie? Lemme know if you have an answer, because I want to watch that too.

Kurt Russel does a John Wayne impression for this entire film, which is not only hilarious but also somehow bolsters his already formidable charisma. His character’s cockiness is thoroughly undeserved, as he’s completely out of his element the whole time - but that only adds to his bone-headed charm.

My favorite moment has to be when he's with Wang and they're getting into the elevator of a Chinese company headquartered in Chinatown. Russel looks down at the labels on the floor buttons and goes, "What is this, Chinese or sumthin'?"

Exquisite. Perfection. Chef's kiss

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