Mamma Mia! ★★★★★

this is my first time ever watching this so i have a lot to say forgive me if this gets too long!

first off, i finally feel valid as a gay now that i have watched this lmao

abba’s songs are all masterpieces i can’t believe they invented music!! also the songs all just fitted so well in the movie i mean the lyrics and choreography damn i just... wow

the the winner takes it all scene was so powerful i had to stop myself from crying i swear

amanda seyfried and meryl streep make the best mother-daughter duo of all time they have such a chemistry, boy are we blessed!!

on a more personal note though, i too don’t have a dad so i related a lot to sophie trying to find herself while trying to find her dad and some of the things she said just... hit close to home so i really grew attached to her character!

well to wrap it up i’ve had a crappy day and was starting to have a crappy evening but this made me smile and sing so much it just added 20 years to my lifespan and i’m so glad i finally watched it i can’t wait to watch it again it’s so so good!!

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