Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

"I'm the cunt you married"

'Gone Girl' was a deliciously wicked watch the first time round but with half the fun of it being the twisty nature of the story I had to wonder whether it would lose some of its appeal on second viewing. To my great surprise then the film was even better second time around, cementing David Finchers already strong positioning as one of my all time favourite directors!

If truth be told my first review covers a lot of what I want to say, especially regarding the trial by media etc. What I will say though is that the final third of the film may be the most flawed but also the most gleefully twisted of the whole movie. The way the film ends may appear rushed or unfinished to some but to me it is a glorious way to end the picture on. The film often plays like a game of sorts between Nick and Amy, whether it is the treasure hunts or the keeping up appearances of their marriage. For that is what the film is telling us what marriage is, two people keeping up appearances whilst deep down underneath knowing that the person they are pretending to be is nothing more than a facade. The ending is so good because Amy entraps Nick, forcing him to once again put up the facade that he had long since grew tired of maintaining. Initially Amy had only plans to bury Nick by framing him for something that he didn't do but when things start going wrong for her she turns to plan b in gloriously blood splattering style before returning home to play wife again. It still gets under my skin, it still makes me writhe in my seat and it still provides the widest and most prolonged grin I have had on my face for the longest time!

You can argue that you are Team Amy or you Team Nick but you can also argue that these are to people destined for each other. In fact the people who seem to dislike the film often say so because they cannot get behind ether of them enough to like it. For me I do not think ether of the two characters cover themselves in glory for one reason or another - of course Amy's actions are more disturbing than Nicks - but the way in which the film plays out is just so delicious I cannot help but enjoy it. And after just rewatching Linda Fiorentino in 'The Last Seduction', that film and this one proof that there is nothing like routing for a grade a bitch or sociopath. Here, Rosamund Pike lives up to Fiorentino's name and produces a performance that will be talked about for years to come, that will probably be the biggest legacy of 'Gone Girl' as time goes by.

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