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This review may contain spoilers.

The initial meeting of Carol and Therese is perfect at capturing that initial magnetism between two people who clearly like eachother but don’t know if the feelings are reciprocated, or if they should make a move, or how, or even when. Exciting stuff, loved the way the camera was used in this film. Some good narrative cinematography. Christmas and Love is a great combo. The lights are just so pretty. Great acting and visuals. Incredible ending. I adore subtle romance films, where a lot of the details are subtextual and small body language queues. It adds a layer of tension and realism because I find I actively try to interpret what’s really going on when characters do certain things. The director pokes fun at this in the projector room scene but it’s true lol. The 1950’s setting is rendered gorgeously. I’m really into this one. That feeling of initial attraction where you’ll really go out of your way just to see someone is an exciting one that I often find myself missing lately. The soundtrack is also excellent. I have no complaints really. A solid film. Maybe one of the better love-making scenes as well. It’s pretty romantic ❤️🎄

-Just some quick unedited thoughts from an exhausted and longing Mark in the early morning of a December day in 2020 lol

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