• Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049

    Villeneuve directs with mastery, each scene is thought and calculated, it looks like a painting so beautiful. He managed to capture the future at the same time dark, humid and rainy, with the arid landscape, desert orange and desolate. Visual care is his trademark and the soundtrack, mixing old pieces from the first film with small minimalist sounds, gives the right tone to the one shown on screen. Goslin does not compromise in police silence K around with a case…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Nicolas Winding Refn, here also continues in his use of colors and lights as another character, and the neon he likes and seeks so much, is even in the name of his work. He has his style and even in exaggeration, the beautiful and intense play of lights and colors stands out. As a film it resembles to me something like "Suspiria",
    from Argento, either in the plot of the young and naive beginning a promising career in a different…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    The refined technique and the care of the animation leaps to the eye, in a mixture of "animatronics", "stop and motion", miniatures with such rich and detailed facial expressions, Anderson once again meticulous, with the technique framed in the excellent visual treatment . As a film it is beautiful, simple, a story that coincides with today, where it is easy to point out a culprit, plant one in truth ... and eliminate it, keep it away.
    I liked the delicacy,…

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    If the most of what Vince Gilligan can provide is this? I gladly accept a Breaking Bad special every year. Because your way of writing the dynamism in framing, the degree of performance that takes away from its actors on stage, the tense and unsettling moments, continue great !! Very difficult for someone to extract something as relevant and rich from their own material as he can get from his characters. Was there a need to tell this Pinkman story?…

  • Persona



    Difficult to comment, in the heat of the moment right after seeing. It's hard to process what I saw, what I witnessed. It sure was the best experience with a movie this year and I just thank and blame myself for taking so long to see it. What a performance, what an immersion. It's a monologue, a treatise, an experience, a study of the psyche, the feminine soul. Delicacy, love, surrender, despair, anguish, hurt, loss. All stamped, gaping, in the…

  • Venom



    If you watch the movie with low expectations, just like I was, it will end up having fun. Because the film does not seem to have great pretensions, seeing the first and disastrous incursion of the anti-hero in theaters, in the notorious Spiderman 3. The good and the bad of the movie already part of it, the unnecessary connection in what has been built up here. Whether it's Marvel's side or Spider-Man's reboot, the sony seems to want to catch…

  • The Paperboy

    The Paperboy


    Shocking Thriller that causes you discomfort, either by the limit situations, or by the ambience that brings us back to the late 60s ... explosive, tense, toxic and hot of a swampy Florida. The film instigates and holds you in this story of journalistic investigation full of twists and turns that has as main plot the condemnation of a man by the violent death of the sheriff of the locality. With this the ambitious son of the newspaper owner of…

  • The Car

    The Car


    By the time of its release it must have been taken seriously as a horror movie . But today despite the well-cared production ... it's caricature and trash and there is no demerit in it. Good track record, good effects and the cast strives to make this car story possessed by an unnamable force as believable as possible. Highlights of the main trio: James Brolin (Josh's father, here very much like Christian bale) The beautiful Kathleen Loyd and Ronny Cox later known by the franchise "Hollywood Cop", where lived the Cap.Bogomil . Good movie

  • Dunkirk



    Nolan, in a succinct and cohesive way, but with great technical aptitude, gives us a competent war film, without gossip and violence, not that she is not present. It is yes, it permeates events and situations but it is not stylized. There is no recurrent and habitual bloodbath, which becomes cliche in productions with the theme. She's moderate, real ... but she's there. The anguish of suffering and redemption ... are divided into small plots that do not necessarily…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    The film, if not innovative, has a climate all its own, where Jordan Peele in the direction and scripty of the best places all his references are in situations, ambiences and in the climate that refer to the thrillers seventies, with a psychological footprint, not for a moment the there "twilight zone". Many moments I had this feeling. The very punctual way the camera game nonsense and direct, brutal dialogues ... the increasing thriller followed by bizarre situations and Chris's…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Edgar Wright once again succeeds in his more hollywood history and a very classic assault and persecution film, but clear with its quirks and hand, which make it one of the best of its kind in a long time. The ever more accentuated marriage of his soundtrack with that proposed on the screen .. the framing, each scene of the true vision of persecutions, charged tension and well-constructed situations. Characters cause empathy. Baby, the driver with his own soundtrack for…

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    The whole thing has been potentiated .. good or bad. If you are a vaccine of the first film, welcome, if you do not do the homework, it does not even begin in the first movie of the "Merc with the mouth", but in his written things ... maybe something from the beginning and with a little now. The film parades a sharp verbiage tongue where the jokes shoot everywhere, more than the actual shootings of the film itself. He…